Best Performer Singer in Himachal

Kaku Thakur who is also known as Kaku Ram Thakur, born on 14-09-1991 in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. He have performed many state level music competitions from his childhood and won many prizes. Then he started to perform in various music concerts in Himachal and become famous. He also got the award of best performer of Himachal Pradesh. Kaku Ram Thakur is finest and youngest singer and live performer in Himachal and sings so many Himachali and Punjabi songs. He sung many mata bhajans like Aas meri poori hoi , Hey Maat Meri, माई दे द्वारे Aapa Jana etc. also live shows like minjar fair , SURGANI etc.

There is not any musical event in Himachal in which he has not performed. Now he is one of the finest singer who can give best live performance which is full of entertainment and energy. His songs in Hindi, Himachali and Punjabi are sputtering in market. People like his sweet voice and incredible performance.


  • Tere Dere Sumna By Kaku Ram Thakur

  • Chambe Wala By Kaku Ram Thakur

  • Dance Floor

  • Gore Rang Waliye